School Ready Program

Ensuring each child has access to the basic tools needed to achieve academic success.


In S.E.F we strongly believe that:

  1. No schoolchild should be held accountable for the financial circumstances their families currently face.
  2. No family should have the burden of not being able to provide the basic school materials for the education of their child.
  3. We all deserve an Education; we all deserve the opportunity to improve ourselves, our family, and our community.

Through sponsorship and donations, we have provided pre-assembled  backpacks filled with essential school supplies locally to families in  need.

Since 2016 S.E.F has provided more than 50,000 pre-assembled backpacks.  

Help  us provide complete Backpacks to Schoolchildren with all the supplies  needed to have the best start, supplies that they wouldn’t otherwise be  able to afford. 


Our Student Kits Include*:

  • 1 backpack
  • 3 pens, Black
  • 3 Pens, red 
  • 3 box crayons
  • 1 set markers
  • 1 set colored pencils
  • 1 pencil sharpener 
  • 1 highlighter 
  • 3 notebooks 
  • 3 folders
  • 1 pack filler paper
  • 2 large pink erasers 
  • 1 12" ruler
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 1 school glue, 4 oz.
  • 1 box tissues
  • 3 pens, blue 
  • 1 2-pocket folder
  • 1 child's scissors
  • 1 pencil case
  • 12 pencils

*Student  Kits are build based on grade, and items are replaced based on that. We  wont give a High school Student crayons but we will provide a  scientific calculator instead.


But it’s not just about paper, pens, or binders-- it’s about giving the  gift of opportunity in school and life that many children will not  receive otherwise. 

With your help, SEF is leveling our community’s academic playing field. 

Donate today to prepare a child in our community for tomorrow’s success! 

Get Involved

Host A Back To School Drive

Now is a great time to organize a school supply drive among family, friends or an co-workers. 

Donate School Supplies

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School Ready Program

Yearly back to school Event & Sponsorships

Victory Fest - Back To School Event

The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation and  Victory Outreach - Palmdale host Victory Fest, an Annual Back to School Event

Our goal, is to provide backpacks, school supplies and other items to 5,000 school-age children in our community.  

This event is put together every year, as a way to provide families an opportunity to receive necessary school supplies to help the youth excel  in their studies. Our mission is to promote literacy and academic  enrichment. 

Our vision is to give children the opportunity to have reliable  resources and tools needed for the new school year to excel in their  studies. We want to help solve a problem in our community, we understand  this time of year can be tough, so we welcome you to join us grades  K-12. The event will feature school supply giveaways, raffled prizes,  food and beverages, a live D.J. and activities promoting literacy for  the youth in our community. 

If you would like to contribute to  our upcoming Victory Fest Event, you can do so by making a donation  through the Donate Section below. All Donations are Tax-Deductible and will go toward  the purchase of school supplies for students grades K-12. 

If you are interested in being  apart of our event by becoming a sponsor, vendor or hosting a Drive, please fill out the  form below and someone from our team will get back with you with more information.


See our Amazon Wish List for Victory Fest 2019!

See our Amazon Wish List for Victory Fest 2019!


Oh Yeah! Back To School Party! - for families with children



  Summer 2019- 

SEF was asked if there was a way that we can arrange to have children with special needs or sensory concerns that can not be in crowded/loud places to pick up a backpack at a different time, perhaps a different day afterwards or an hour or so before the general public. 

They went on to explain that in their group they have many families that unfortunately have not been able to participate in previous local backpack events because of reasons related to their children's disability and hate to see them miss out again.

If you know us, you know that we won’t agree to do a special time before or after the event. Or set a day so they can get a backpack. Because I don’t believe it’s fair for the children.

So, we declined instead... we hosted their very own event with their needs in mind.

Oh Yeah! B2S Party


This year, 2019, SEF partnered with AV Seed and Grow to bring to life our very first OH YEAH! Back To School Party.

This back to school party is for families with children with Special Needs in the Antelope Valley. The Children's disabilities vary from "High-Functioning" Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, to name a few.     

Oh Yeah! B2S Party is an event that will have their needs in mind, no loud music, no big crowds, no balloons but with everything that makes an event a party.

Oh Yeah! B2S Party 2019!


t’s all about being included. It’s all about having their needs in mind. It’s all about caring. 

With the help of  


The 2019 OH YEAH! Party was made possible!