Who is Sophia Elizabeth?


Sophia Elizabeth is the daughter of CEO and founder of S.E.F., Jorge Urbina and his wife Vanessa.

Jorge  & Vanessa Urbina married in December 12, 2009. Jorge has worked for  a Transitional Housing Center for women and Children in Sylmar, CA.  During this time, Jorge & Vanessa were going through their own  private struggles, unable to have children of their own. After several  miscarriages, all of them happening during different stages, it finally  happened, a beautiful baby girl came to them. On August 14, 2013, Little  Ms. Sophia Elizabeth was born.

Working in the center with women  and children, Jorge saw a lot of need, children in need, mother  struggling to provide for their children.

 “I wanted to find a  way to Thank God for blessing my wife and me with our Sophia but I  didn’t know what or how, until one day I saw the children at the center  get off the school bus without a backpack. I knew they had backpacks,  because they had just received some new ones. Then it dawned on me, they  were ashamed. They would rather not carry a backpack than carry one  that everyone in that bus had. Same color, same model, same bus. That’s  when I realized what I had to do. 'Backpacks filled with school  supplies'- but not just any backpack. A backpack they will be proud of, a  backpack that they wanted. That’s where the idea of starting an  organization came about, that’s when I knew what I had to do. I was  going to bless families that have children but are struggling to provide  for them. I was going to share my blessing with families in need, and  my blessing is Sophia Elizabeth”- Jorge U.

That’s how S.E.F. was  born on December 9, 2015. The Sophia Elizabeth Foundation has grown to  become a community outreach organization, which is profoundly involved  in our community, The Antelope Valley. Now, it’s not just the Urbina’s.  There’s an entire team making a difference in the lives of the men,  women, and children in our community who need it most. 


This is Sophia